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“15 Million Market Cap, Low Float, Strong Revenue Trajectory. 

“I've been using CaniSun sunscreen and I love the product. This is an easy endorsement for someone who's in the sun as much as i am.”

Our Opinion

Based on the prospects of JUPW new products, patents, and clinical testing results, and considering the company's cheap stock price and market capitalization, JUPW offers extensive upside for potential investors. JUPW may be the best stock to buy in 2022.  

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More About JUPW

Here's what you should know about Jupiter Wellness:

Jupiter Wellness inc.

(JUPW) hair loss and sexual health product with IP licensing deals worldwide makes this a stock to invest in.

(JUPW) conducts research, develops products, licenses its IP's, and technologies and products that can generate long-term profitability and sustainable cash flows, a stock to watch for long term investment. 

(JUPW) is at the FOREFRONT of hair loss industry with Minoxidil boosters, an explosive product line with stunning projections making JUPW a huge stock pick. 

JUPW Develops IP, skincare, and Sexual health products.

With a focus on hair, skin and sexual health, JUPW has several new patented product launching worldwide.  Minoxidil boosters for hair growth, Treatments for eczema, first degree burns, Sunscreen for Jellyfish stings and others. 

JUPW initiates clinical study of CaniSun for the treatment of (Skin Cancer)

CaniSun is an over-the-counter product, which is an effective sunscreen that may act as a prophylactic treatment to prevent AK from occurring or to inhibit its progression into squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer). 

3 reasons to put JUPW in your portfolio:

1. JUPW is a global leader in an industry projected to grow to $73.6 Billion as per Forbes by the year 2027.

2. JUPW is set for extensive growth thanks to cutting-edge Minoxidil Booster treatments transforming the Hair loss industry. Jupiter Wellness has a number of products in final-stage trials and ready to go to market. 

3. JUPW has licensing deals with Taisho, a $2.6 billion revenue company and Japan’s leading seller of minoxidil products. A $300k up-front payment was received with 3% royalties on net sales. They expect to launch the product commercially in 2023. Also Licensed to India-based Cosmofix Technology and Sanpelle.

JUPW presents a compelling buying opportunity for investors.

 JUPW's IPO was in October 2020. This company has grown substantially since its IPO.  JUPW is still very much under the radar,  and this presents a huge opportunity for investors looking for the best stock to buy right now. 

Favorable Projections

The hair loss, and sexual health industry is massive.  JUPW is licensing its IP's worldwide, and with its strong revenue trajectory, JUPW could easily see its market cap grow to $500 Million.   

Ready To Make Money With (JUPW)?

Always do your own research on (JUPW).

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Ready To Make Money With JUPW?

Always do your own research on (JUPW). 

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